Sunday, July 11


This blog has officially been retired. I blogged here in the spring of 2006 to chronicle my adventures while studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have since upgraded my blogging platform and launched a few new blogs.

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Wednesday, February 21

Procrastination is my middle name

Who: Your favorite blogging brunette
What: Procrastinating/Blogging
Where: Pi Phi House
When: Between work and OPI prep class
Why: Because the thought of the six letter T word makes me want to llorar

Just finished up some work on the Croft website. I like doing that work because it is pretty flexible and I get paid $8 an hour. It is much better than study abroad, which I am starting to consider my volunteer work. Since it is on direct deposit it doesn't even feel like I am getting paid. I guess its worth the few extra bucks though, right?! I should have started working there a long time ago. Today SA was filled with preping for the Mississippi Gathering. Should be pretty neat. Lots of work involved though. Also we are working on a project to advertise SA to greeks. That is kind of fun too. I am going to plan a big Pi Phi info session and story time which might be really cool.

Today I also invoiced Oxford Landscape for the webdesign I did for them. It will be nice to get that extra money. I should have invoiced them a long time ago, as my father so kindly pointed out, but I mean it is hard to remember that stuff amidst thesis and other school stuff!

Today I am going to go to the union to buy a class ring. Is that totally geeky? I think it will end up being a neat investment. I want a red stone. So that it can match everything else in my life right now.

I have started noticing that I have themed my life in colors. I have also noticed that my school colors have played a big influence in this trend. First, on my first day of school in Kindergarden my mom sent me with a canvas bag that had red straps and my name embroidered in it. Bailey's was purple. Weird how she ended up at TCU (purple) and I ended up at Ole Miss (red). Don't know, just a thought. So when I was in HS my whole room was decorated in Blue and White...Eagle colors. I also wore a ton of blue and white. And, most of my bags were blue and white. When I started Cheer Station, things started a black/red trend. And that has continued into my college career because Ole Miss is red and navy. All my luggage and my entire room is red/black. Weird huh. Yeah.

I am thinking of actually changing my blog to black and red to make it match the rest of my life. In light of my trip to Paris/London for spring break I am going to need a new face for this site. I promise it is going to be way cute once I have the time to sit down and make the graphics.

Okay I am going to do thesis now. Maybe.

Monday, February 19

Monday is the new Friday!

Monday is so the new Friday. I know many people would disagree but I decided you have to change your attitude towards Monday to like it. I mean, here we are at the beginning of a whole new week with endless possibilities ahead of us! Seriously, when I think about it I have spent way too much time hating Mondays. Maybe my new found obsession with coffee has something to do with my joy for the beginning of the week. We'll have to see.

T-minus four days till our thesis first draft is due. This is crunch time. I am sitting here at Uptown Coffee, my newest inspirational place to write thesis, blogging to get my creative juices flowing and my hands in prime typing mode.

I heard on BBC radio yesterday about a study that proved that people who have coffee in their system are more receptive to ideas that they might not agree with. I thought that was interesting and I am a big fan of coffee, and new ideas so I was pumped. I wonder if that is why people like to talk politics at coffee shops? Probably. Note to self: make coffee shop friends to discuss new ideas with.

Being here makes me really want a Mac. I want to be a trendy coffee shop girl. Seriously. I do.

Speaking of trendy...what is the deal with this whole 1980 flashback style that is going on? I saw three sorority girls walking into their house today (which will remain unnamed) who looked like they walked straight out of a Tiffany concert. I wanted to ask them if they were going to chapter or back to the future. The leggings, plastic earrings, oversized belts, in moderation can be cute, but all of it together brings back images of Stephanie in Full House.

Okay I think my fingers are all loose and ready to start a thesis marathon. Wish me luck!

Saturday, February 10

Couldn't be Happier :)

3:40...just got home...I am seriously getting sleep deprived. Last night I pulled an all nighter to finish my first chapter of the thesis which was tough but really helpful.

Have you ever been so happy/giddy/smiley that you feel like you are just floating around? That is how I feel at this exact moment. Actually its been this way for a few weeks now. Meeting new people, shy glances and first kisses will do that to you I guess! Tickling, chill bumps and hand holding are seriously some of the best things about life!

If you can't tell I'm writing this blog from high atop Cloud 9. I've been parked here for a while now and don't plan on coming down anytime soon.

Okay off to bed but I just couldn't sleep with all the happy thoughts on my mind. I know Meredith is dark and twisty and not a happy ending kind of girl but I SO am. And I am so glad I am! Because the road to find my knight and shining whatever is fun and I'm not ready for it to end!

Monday, October 23

A case of the Mondays

I feel a lot better today. Except for the fact that I barely slept last night. I just had so much adrenaline that I wasn't tired. I stayed up and watched Season 9 disc 2 of Friends. It normally puts me to sleep to watch Friends but I was on some really funny ones and I just couldn't go to sleep! I watched the one when Ross and Rachel hire the Manny. Priceless.

I am at the Pi Phi house waiting for Spanish at 2. I hate this gap between my classes. It is such a waste of time. More LNC interviews tonight and and Oil and Gas law test tomorrow. I think I'll take a nap right now and get rested up for the big night.

Signing off for now...